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Jewels of Nature

Jewels of Nature

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Did you ever wish for a bit of insight into what makes a particular bird special, something more than the bird guides, or the academic descriptions of their reproductive behavior that you get in reference books? Especially if you live in the Midwest, Jewels of Nature may be your wish fulfilled.


Author, Alan Haney, has been an astute observer of birds for nearly 40 years, seeing them as an ecologist and field biologist, but most importantly, as one who has come to
admire and appreciate how these energetic creatures adapt to and contribute to nature.


In Jewels of Nature, he captures the essence of 91 species that can be seen in the Midwest, as well as in many other regions, most of them in backyards or neighboring fields and forests. His personal stories highlight first sightings, humorous observations, unusual behavior, and ecologically important characteristics that elevate these birds from dull descriptions to living creatures that share and enrich our world. Go into the field with Alan to gain a more complete understanding of these birds, through which he provides the reader a window into Nature.


    This book is a 92 page text that describes several bird species found in the Midwest, United States. 256 pages. Published Date: July 30, 2014. 




    Available for pick-up in Stevens Point, WI or shipping nationwide.

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