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Photo: Susan Schuller

ALAS offers local bird walks every month led by board member, Rob Pendergast. These events are FREE and Open to Anyone.

Please join us. 

Pilleated Woodpecker P1010663.jpg

Photo: Becky Martin

Local Bird Walks

Come Walk with Us! - Join other nature and bird nerds on a local bird walk to see if we can find birds around natural areas in Stevens Point. Please note: During the summer, the schedule is not every week. Scroll down for dates and times.


Arrive at 7:30AM. Walk begins at 7:35. Duration of walk is weather dependent. With milder temperatures walks average one mile and last about 2 hours at your average birder’s leisurely pace. Walks alternate between Saturdays and Sundays and sample the same location for 2 weeks. Expect walk duration to increase with the warmer temps and increased bird diversity in the spring. Walks take place in most weather conditions. In below zero temperatures we may opt for a different activity other than the walk. 

Walks are free and open to anyone interested. No pre-registration required to attend, just simply show up to the rendezvous point listed for each week at 7:30AM. Hope to see you there!

What to bring:

  • Binoculars 

  • Camera if you have one

  • Weather appropriate garb 

  • Good hiking shoes/boots

  • Good vibes


Weekly announcements and reports are made on the Portage Co Birding and SP Nature Wanderings Facebook groups. For questions contact Rob Pendergast at or call/text (715) 498-4885 - email is preferred. 

Schedule is below.

Summer Bird Walks

Summer Bird Walks (June - August)

Buena Vista Grasslands

Sun, June 23 - 7:30AM 

Sat, June 29 - 7:30AM  

This will be our first trek out to the grasslands! We will rendezvous at the Historical Marker at the intersection of Co F and Co W at 7:30AM. 

Google Maps Pin: 

Address: Intersection of Co F and Co W - listed as Bancroft in Google Maps, but is technically Grant Twp. 

GPS: (44.3372908, -89.6444189)


This will be a combination of driving to different locations in the grasslands and walking different stretches of road. Our beginning effort will be more oriented towards doing point counts for birds. Then as temperatures rise we will switch the focus to butterflies. Expect this outing to be several hours. Bring comfortable hiking shoes, snacks, and water. 


Whiting Well Fields

Sun, July 7 - 9:00AM 

Sat, July 13 - 9:00AM 


Our July walks will focus more on butterflies and wildflowers, with a minor focus on birds of the secondary growth of the well fields. We will meet at 9:00AM so we have a better shot at seeing a wider variety of pollinators. Meet at the designated parking area off of Elm Rd on the Plover-Whiting town line. 

Google Maps:

Address: north side of the intersection of Elm Rd and 7th St on the Plover-Whiting town line - turn west on Elm from Hoover and look for the green Circle parking area on the north side of the road. 

GPS: (44.4905580, -89.5384036)


This will be a slow paced walk over flat terrain - mostly crushed gravel trails, but there are a few more rustic portions within the complex. Bring plenty of water and long pants are recommended for biting insects. This walk will be between an hour or two in duration. 


Lost Creek Wetland

Sat, August 3 - 7:30AM 

Sun, August 11 - 7:30AM 

Meet near the info sign on the south end of Duck Trail. We will start by walking the road surveying the adjacent marsh. After the road we will likely hike out to the southeast marsh - rubber boots and long pants recommended. 

Google Maps: 

Address: Duck Trail, Stockton, Wi

GPS: (44.5365891, -89.4661499)


Expected duration is 2 hours. We may also do a brief scan of the sod farm for Buff-breasted Sandpipers depending on logistics.


Paper Mill Trail

Sat, August 17 - 7:30AM 

Sun, August 25 - 7:30AM 

7:30 meet at the west terminus of Cedar St in Whiting. This segment of the green circle has a few steeper hills and will be about 2.5 miles in distance. The trail is mostly crushed gravel. 

Google Maps Pin:

Address: 599 W Cedar St, Stevens Point, Wi

GPS Coordinates: (44.4864446, -89.5574151)


This hike will last about two hours. Long pants, sleeves, headwear for insects, and water are recommended. 


Iverson Park

Sat, August 31 - 7:30AM 

Sun, Sept 8 - 7:30AM 

Meet at the north parking lot off of Main St at 7:30. We will work our way downstream starting out with the flatter areas of the park. Depending on conditions, we may head all the way to the Patch St bridge to check out the marsh. 

Google Maps Pin:

Address: 4601 Wi-66, Stevens Point, Wi

GPS Coordinates: (44.5221268, -89.5392287)


Expected duration is 2 hours. Wear long sleeves, pants, and some kind of head covering for insects. Water is also recommended. 

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