ALAS Launches Fundraising Campaign for Schmeeckle Solar

Updated: Mar 17

Join the 30-60-90 Club: April/May 2021 Challenge!

Each year, our Audubon chapter chooses a special project to enhance the Central Wisconsin area. Our projects invite members to participate in making an enduring project come to fruition. Last year, members donated over $2400 to build a bird viewing window accessible to limited mobility individuals. Even during the COVID-19 outbreak, people have been able to use the outside porch area at Schmeeckle Reserve to watch their feathered friends. It has been a huge success.

This year, our membership supported project is to raise $6000 to help Schmeeckle Reserve to add a new solar panel to provide energy for the visitor’s center and its surrounding Green Circle Trail buildings. Our board has pledged $3000 from ALAS endowment funds and we invite you as members to help raise the other $3000 needed to complete this project. Choose one of the following amounts and send your check today. I will join as a project leader and donate $90. Please join me.

$30 Sustaining Member

$60 Team builder

$90 Project Leader

Checks are to be mailed to Larry Graham, ALAS Treasurer P.O Box 928, Stevens Point, Wisconsin 54481 – Payable to ALAS – Tag line Solar Power Project


Donate online by selecting the Schmeeckle Solar Project Giving Levels - $30, $60, or $90. CLICK HERE TO GIVE ONLINE. You will need to establish a log in to enter a protected page for accepting credit cards.

Yes, we are asking for your financial support. Yes, we would like you to find your check book or credit card and donate now. You will be proud to make our community greener.

100 people donating $30 = $3000

50 people donating $60 = $3000

33 people donating $90 = $3000

This is a tax-deductible donation. If you have questions, contact John Munson – Project Leader -

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